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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a local specialty of the Modena County, and its production is strictly regulated by law.

It is the produce of cooked “must” (grape juice), a syrupy liquid which undergoes a longlasting process of natural fermentation and progressive concentration within a series of wooden barrels (batteries).  i prodottiBalsamic acetification is ignited by an older Balsamic vinegar batch within the first barrel of a battery, in which must is firstly poured. Each year some of the vinegar in each barrel is transferred down the line to a slightly smaller barrel, along the way acquiring some of the flavours of the different woods in the battery. Eventually, the final product is estracted from the last barrel of the battery.

This recipe has been passed on through centuries by local families, each of them traditionally keeping ancient vinegar cellars in their house attics.

You will recognise Traditional Balsamic Vinergar of Modena by its dark shiny brown colour, its syrupy texture, its characteristic and complex bouquet, its pleasing and harmonious tartness. Finally, you will taste it, and appreciate its balanced flavour, both sweet and sour.

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25 years
bottle: 100 ml
75 euros


12 years
bottle: 100 ml
45 euros


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