Quando la passione diventa mestiere il lavoro diventa un piacere!
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Un sogno per chi viene da altre terre
The history

The ancient De Petri mansion lies in the Campogalliano area, surrounded by flourishing vineyards of the most typical local grapes, most notably of the Labrusco and Trebbiano quality. This glorious estate boasts an equally antique vinegar cellar created years ago by the De Petri family. To the present day, the cellar has been lovingly cared for and managed strictly according to tradition by Maurizio De Petri.

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Our products

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a local specialty of the Modena County, and its production is strictly regulated by law.

It is the produce of cooked “must” (grape juice), a syrupy liquid which undergoes a longlasting process of natural fermentation and progressive concentration within a series of wooden barrels (batteries). 

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The Consorzio Produttori Antiche Acetaie was founded in 1979 thanks to the intuition of a group of producers, with the dual aimof
- carrying out an intense campaign to make known and promote the product
- gaining all the necessary legal recognition required to obtain the DOP title.

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